Access to healthy food, good jobs, and ownership opportunities are fundamental to a thriving neighborhood.

Be part of the solution.

Mandela Partners is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through local food enterprises in low-income communities.


our purpose

Founded in West Oakland, California, Mandela Partners was established to fill a gap that was created through deeply rooted inequities--a legacy of redlining and economic disinvestment, and barriers to opportunities for entrepreneurs. 


We do this by weaving together several areas of work: sourcing from sustainable family farmers, creating accessible and affordable healthy food access points, supporting local food business creation and expansion, and increasing capital for BIPOC entrepreneurs.


Together, we envision a future where small sustainable farmers are invested in, local food enterprises are central to community wealth building, and residents are thriving.

Distributed more than

1.8 million pounds of  sustainably grown produce 

Generated more than $7.2 million in local economic returns 

Created $880,000 in additional revenue benefiting local BIPOC growers

Dispersed $509,000 in loan funds to food retailers, local growers, and distributors 

The nexus between food,


and local businesses


In Mandela Partners' video, our partner farmers, neighborhood retailers, and community leaders talk about how we're supporting an environment of health through neighborhood-led initiatives.

Our testimonials

"This process allowed for us to put ‘pen to paper’ and actually go from just hustling, to having the confidence to say ‘I own a business.’”


—  LaShawn Raybon, owner of I AM Cafe and participant in The Mandela Entrepreneurs Program