Mandela Partner's core values establish the foundation of our organization's culture, guide how we interact with each other and our community, how we set goals, establish measurements, and solve problems:

PARTNERSHIP. By working together and keeping the greater good in mind, we can uplift the whole community. Cooperative work and cooperative wealth break cycles of poverty.


COMMUNITY. Sustainable, local development is driven by the people who live there - the real experts on what their neighborhoods need. Everything we do is in response to the needs and ambitions of the community and aims to bolster their health, self-sovereignty and quality of life.


TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE. We focus on deeper, long-lasting efforts that can truly transform neighborhoods. From the food we source to the partnerships we cultivate, we make sure our work provides lasting benefits to communities and the planet.


EQUITY. Opportunity and wealth should not be dictated by ZIP code or race. Our work builds power and wealth in communities of color to break cycles of inequity and disinvestment. 


FOOD IS FUNDAMENTAL. All communities need access to food. And businesses built on food create healthy, thriving communities while breaking down barriers to access and fostering a more just food system overall.