fresh creds


The Fresh Creds program deepens the impact of our food access work by allowing us to offer CalFresh-enrolled customers a 50% discount on California-grown fruits and vegetables across all Healthy Retail Network sites that accept EBT while supporting under-resourced farmers who use sustainable growing practices.


We recently expanded Fresh Creds to other sites outside of our main Healthy Retail Network, which include one grocery co-op and four small-medium sized grocery stores in East and West Oakland, as well as Ashland--a community within unincorporated Alameda County. 

Get $0.50 extra for every $1.00 you spend with your EBT.

Here's an example of how it works:

Fresh Creds can be redeemed at participating Healthy Grocery Initiative stores and Community Produce Stands.

Community Produce Stands are not currently operating due to COVID-19.