Mandela MarketPlace Launches New Weekly Produce Stand at MetWest High School

Produce stand is open to the general public and will provide additional healthy food options to the community


OAKLAND, Calif., April 05, 2016 – Today, Mandela MarketPlace launched a new pop-up produce stand on the MetWest High School campus in Oakland, making over 30 types of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and dry pantry items; like oatmeal, beans and rice, available to the entire community including students, school staff and local residents. Open each Tuesday afternoon, from 2:00pm - 4:00pm on the outdoor basketball courts, the produce stand increases local access to healthy options in an area where fresh produce is often scarce and can be hard to find.


This is the second produce stand resulting from a partnership between Mandela MarketPlace and the Oakland Unified School District that hopes to highlight the importance of healthy eating. After increasing popularity of the original produce stand at Cesar Chavez Educational Center - open Thursdays from 8:00am – 10:00am - the MetWest High School produce stand will provide another opportunity for local residents to buy fresh produce and whole grain items.


“This produce stand has been a longtime in the making and we are excited to see it come to fruition. Thanks to our wonderful partners at the Oakland Unified School District, we are now able to provide the MetWest faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members with a new opportunity to access healthy foods,” said Dana Harvey, Executive Director of Mandela MarketPlace. “From the ground to the dinner table, Mandela MarketPlace works to ensure healthy food makes its way to low-income communities and we’re proud to open yet another produce stand in Oakland.”


Mandela MarketPlace/ Oakland Unified School District Produce Stand Details

MetWest High School                                                         Cesar Chavez Educational Center

314 E 10th St, Oakland, CA 94606                                    2825 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94601

Tuesday afternoons from 2pm-4pm                 Thursday mornings from 8am-10am


For information on other Mandela MarketPlace produce stands, please visit:!healthy-retail/c1ex8


Funding for the produce stands at the MetWest High School and Cesar Chavez Educational Center is made possible through Mandela Marketplace’s Fresh Creds program, which supports healthier community eating habits, while building a local customer base for small neighborhood retailers that offer healthy products. Produce will also be available at a discount rate to Food Insecurity and Nutrition Incentive (FINI), CalFresh, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants.




About Mandela MarketPlace

Mandela MarketPlace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through cooperative food enterprises in low-income communities. To learn more about Mandela MarketPlace visit