Café Hours
Monday-Friday 7am-4pm

(510) 452-1151

Zella's Soulful Kitchen, located within the Mandela Foods Cooperative, is a locally owned Cafe furthering Mandela MarketPlace's objective to provide community residents with culturally relevant, healthier food options, while growing a local, thriving economy centered around food. Independently owned, Zella's is Mandela MarketPlace's most recent incubated food enterprise. Zella's benefits from Mandela MarketPlace's support and technical assistance, and provides opportunities for workforce development in the culinary industry.

Owned and operated by Dionne Knox, Zella's is a tribute to Dionne's grandmother, who taught her the value of a great meal and the way in which it can unify people. In addition to be a stellar chef, Dionne is a local change-maker with a background in youth and community development. She is committed to good food & developing the skills of local residents - both professional and culinary.


Check out what Dionne has to offer inside Mandela Foods, or get your next event catered by Zella's Soulful Kitchen!