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Here’s why we’re canceling Giving Tuesday this year

Gratitude Tuesday

Mandela Partners is turning the tables on Giving Tuesday. We are canceling Giving Tuesday this year in favor of “Gratitude Tuesday” – a day of thanks rather than a day of asking for more. For “Gratitude Tuesday,” our team took a minute to share about the people and experiences that have helped make our work possible this year. 


Thanks, Chef Anthony Salguero

Appreciation from Sean Brekke-Miesner, Culinary Education Manager

“The ReGen program has been lucky enough to have a lot of community support but recently Chef Anthony Salguero volunteered his time to teach a recipe to our ReGen class. He is a local Salvadorian chef who was looking for volunteer opportunities and reached out to us about sharing his skills with our participants. This allowed for our trainees to hear a different voice in the kitchen, learn new skills, and use the kitchen knowledge they had been learning from our program. The support that Chef Anthony was able to give took our training to a new level and helped expose our participants to a new type of food.”

Thanks, Glasha Marcon

Appreciation from Nina Arrocena, Food Access Manager

“I am grateful for community member and CSA customer, Glasha who leads our Eastlake CSA box pick-up location. We first met Glasha through our CSA partner, Mudlab, as she ran her own food recovery program for the many folks experiencing financial hardship at the start of the pandemic. Since then, our work together has evolved to Glasha organizing her own neighborhood food access point, where neighbors in need can sign up with her to gain easy access to free fruits and vegetables with a schedule that works for them. Thank you Glasha for your generosity that helps create a true Community Supported Agriculture program. (and to all CSA customers who help make this program possible 🧡 ”


Shout Out to the Town

Appreciation from Amani Ali, Healthy Grocery Initiative Manager

“I am most grateful that through the sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) tax funds, we were able to share $85,000 worth of grocery discounts with hundreds of Oaklanders for several months and the money went to 4 small grocery stores: Mandela Grocery, Shopper's Market, A&A Corner Market, Better Trade Market. Even though it was temporary, folks shared that the discount helped them stretch their budgets and not have to choose between necessities.”

Much Love to Ashland Residents

Appreciation from Aliyah Bey, Wellness Education Manager

“This year I planned, coordinated, and facilitated multiple workshops for diverse community members. During these workshops, I spent time introducing new concepts related to health and wellness, leading breathing exercises, cooking delicious meals, and building relationships with the participants. I am most grateful for the people who took the time to attend the workshop, share their challenges and triumphs, and see them use the material in real-time. I am and will always be grateful for the opportunity to promote change in the community.”


Thank You Team

Appreciation from Mimi Lim, Bookkeeper/Office Manager

“I am grateful for the talented and compassionate people I get to work with at Mandela Partners. From the vulnerability and strength expressed by the Leadership Team to the collected drive by the entire team to build community, the most poignant memory is the April 20th retreat with the entire team. I appreciated how everyone’s individual contributions and inputs were openly received and valued. Although the process to build the community is challenging, the grace and dedication to create this with each other is inspiring. I am very grateful to be part of the growth process.”


Thank You Farmers!

Appreciation from Samiha Hamid, Farmer Partnerships Manager

“Over the past few months, I've been grateful to step into a role at Mandela that had been waiting for me, literally and figuratively. I'm grateful for many things with my time at Mandela, but the main experience that stands out has been cultivating and deepening relationships with farmers. Through focus groups, farm visits, farmers markets, workshops, interviews, cultural shares, and other experiences, my time getting to know farmers and understand their needs, ideas, and visions, has been truly a blessing. It reminds me of my time in the Peace Corps and reminds me of why I love doing the work I do. I hope others can continue to support this important work, of bringing deeper care to those that feed our nation!”

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