The Executive Director offers a wealth of expertise in executive-level leadership, has experience in the management of teams with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, and a strong capacity to implement systems that support streamlined operations and open communication. Additionally, the Executive Director is expected to have active connections in philanthropy, experience in building a robust individual donor base - including growing high net-wealth donor networks - and an eye for cross-sector partnerships and opportunities. 


Since its founding in 2004, MP has guided the development and growth of an alternative, community-driven model that integrates local entrepreneurship, access to healthy foods, and local food procurement. Central to MPs model is programming that uplifts local residents’ capacity to create solutions to neighborhood challenges, and leverages local assets to that aim. MPs Executive Director has a holistic understanding of the intersections of health, wealth, and community development; they are a champion for local economic development strategies created with and by local residents, support local food systems, and build wealth for under-resourced communities of color. 

Please send resume & cover letter to by January 16th, 2020.

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The Healthy Retail Associate is responsible for ordering, delivering, and maintaining fresh produce at Community Produce Stands (CPS) in our Healthy Retail network, supporting the CPS Coordinator with outreach and community engagement activities, assisting with nutrition education demonstrations, and providing good customer service to local customers. The Associate will report to the CPS Coordinator and will provide additional program support as needed.

Please send resume & cover letter to by December 20th, 2019.

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