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Wellness Education

Centered around shifting perspectives and empowering people to prioritize health and wellness, we partner with community residents and organizations to create engaging, empowering, and safe workshops that foster a wellness mindset in the community.


Redefining Health

⁠An Eden Area wellness workshop through Nourished Neighbors. This wellness workshop requires critical self-introspection and is worthwhile. There will be laughter, tears, and food, and most importantly, there will be growth at the end. We welcome all ages 18+ and all cultures.⁠

redefine health

Wellness Workbooks

Access the Redefining Health Wellness Workbook below for self-guided wellness activities, journaling, and resources to become an expert on your body. 

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Nourished Neighbors

Nourished Neighbors is a community hub with Alameda County incorporated and unincorporated communities interested in celebrating food, reimagining wellness, building community, and sharing resources. This group calls attention to nutritious and affordable food, safe spaces, and opportunities for connection.


Nourished Neighbors prioritize health, well-being, and balance of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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