Mandela Partners - 2018, A Year of Transformation


2018 marked the year that Mandela—building on its strong model for community food oriented development—put the wheels in motion to rename and rebrand Mandela MarketPlace as
Mandela Partners

Adrionna Fike— Mandela Foods Co-Owner


Oakland Fence Project, Benjamin Michel

A profile on Adrionna Fike, co-owner of Mandela Foods Cooperative in Oakland, California. This piece is accompanied with the still photograph of her in Oakland Fence Project--

The Victory Garden's Edible Feast Episode 5 - Mandela Foods Cooperative


PBS series Victory Garden's edibleFEAST

The Victory Garden travels to Oakland and to the Mandela Foods Coop, a cooperative grocery store created by the community.

Raise the Ladder


Mandela MarketPlace, Raise the Ladder

Mandela MarketPlace is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with local residents, family farmers, and community-based businesses to improve health, create wealth, and build assets through cooperative food enterprises in low income communities.

Our approach is based on a systems model that addresses issues of economic disinvestment, food insecurity, and health inequity, building on community assets to cultivate a thriving food hub.

The Real USA: Mandela MarketPlace (Spanish)


Mariela Cedeño, Director of Social Enterprise


Min 8:08 on.


Telesur's The Real USA features stories told by every day Americans, not typically covered in mainstream media. This episode features Mandela MarketPlace's Director of Social Enterprise, Mariela Cedeño, talking about Mandela Foods Cooperative, local ownership, supporting farmers, and building local health and wealth. 

Food to Families


Mandela MarketPlace, Food to Families program

In partnership with the West Oakland Health Center, the Foods to Families (F2F), a 3-year project that wrapped up in 2013, provided health & wellness workshops, cooking demos, and group experiences for community to community families. 

West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project


Interview with Mariela Cedeño, Mandela Marketplace Director of Social Enterprise

Cooperative Innovation Interview.

Bay Area People: The Healthy Neighborhood Store Alliance


Mariela Cedeño & Jamelah Isaac, Mandela MarketPlace


Mandela Marketplace's Healthy Neighborhood Store Alliance featured on Rosie Chu's Bay Area People!This video is the sole property of KTVU

Banking on Youth: The Healthy Neighborhood Store Alliance


Mandela Marketplace's WYSE Team

Region 1 Finalists

West Oakland Standing Empowered youth team's submission to the 2012 Banking on Youth competition

Investing in Innovations for Thriving Communities & Healthy People


San Francisco Federal Reserve












Change Maker Stories: Ennis, Mandela MarketPlace WYSE Team


Ashoka Youth Ventures

FreshWorks Initiative


Dana Harvey, Mandela MarketPlace Executive Director

California Endowment

Interview with Mandela MarketPlace's Executive Director, Dana Harvey

Kitchen Table Talks: Next Gen Food Activists


James Berk, Mandela Foods Cooperative, Worker-Owner

Min. 24.21 on

Art of Activism


James Berk, Mandela Foods Worker-Owner

Robert Redford Center

Art of Activism, Oakland Local


James Berk, Mandela Foods Cooperative Worker-Owner

Oakland Local

Mandela MarketPlace: Food ~ People ~ Power


Mandela MarketPlace

StoryTellers for Good

Ella Baker Center Awards: Mandela Foods Cooperative


Mandela Foods Worker-Owner, James Bell & James Berk

The Ella Baker Center

Green Festival: West Oakland Youth Standing Empowered


Jamelah Isaac, WYSE Team Leader

Green Festival, San Francisco

Community Block Party: Mandela Foods Celebrates its Anniversary


Mandela Foods Cooperative


WYSE Team: Community Surveys, Healthy Foods Access


The WYSE Team

West Oakland

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