Access to Capital

Mandela Partners' vetting process utilizes traditional financial auditing mechanisms, while uplifting character and community collateral. Additionally, Mandela Partners provides ongoing business advising to ensure that local entrepreneurs build a strong resource network to support them throughout the life of their business. 


In 2015, Mandela Partners secured the first ever FreshWorks Intermediary Loan to increase access to local, healthy food capital in limited-resource communities. The Ladder-Up Fund has made $223,000 in flexible capital available to food retailers, value-added producers, local growers, and distributors. 

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Avalos Organic Farm - Efren Avalos (1).JPG

The Harvest to Market Fund has made $150,000 of capital available to limited-resourced farmers that supply our network of community retailers and local programs. Unlike most capital products, farmers are able to pay back their loans, not in cash, but rather through what they grow: fruits & vegetables!


As a Kiva Trustee, Mandela Partners has gained access to a vast network of online lenders, enabling us to endorse micro-loans for community entrepreneurs.