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Join us in welcoming our Executive Director, Monique Brown!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

This past year, Mandela Partners' staff and Board of Directors worked collaboratively with executive leadership firm, Change Ignitors to recruit our new Executive Director to guide our organization through its next phase of growth. Time to cue the virtual confetti…We’re thrilled to introduce Monique Brown as our Executive Director! As a fourth-generation West Oaklander, Monique has dedicated her life to serving communities that have been traditionally underserved, under-resourced and overlooked for decades. Monique started her career in workforce development at a very early age in West Oakland. In response to the Loma Prieta earthquake aftermath, Monique managed a large two-year project that both trained and placed 85 Oakland residents in skilled positions rebuilding the Cypress Freeway structure. Monique served as liaison on the project, strengthening collaborations between community residents, Caltrans and The Building and Trades Council of Alameda County. This experience was life changing and served as a launching pad for her decades long career in Workforce and Community Development. Most recently, Monique served as Bay Area Regional Director for the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) providing leadership to three sites located in Fresno, Oakland and San Jose. She previously worked as Director of Workforce Services for Rubicon Programs, Inc. where she provided workforce program planning and community development assistance to local municipalities, nonprofits and educational providers. When asked to describe her leadership style, Monique’s response was simple: Leadership that puts people first. So often, the people who drive community-led initiatives get overlooked, but Monique brings a deep humility to this work--all while being a visionary, an advocate, and an innovator who builds on community assets to promote social justice. As Executive Director at Mandela Partners, Monique will be leading the organization’s multi-year strategic planning efforts, and designing long-term programs that exemplify the mission and values of Mandela Partners. Monique is also excited to develop models that help increase investments in local economies and access to healthy food options. Please join us in celebrating Monique Brown as our Executive Director and, as always, for being in community with us.
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